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We're full for the summer,
but call now to reserve
an opening for the fall!

5/23- Last day of school for Oak Grove

5/23- Summer Schedule Begins

5/23- SA Summer Paperwork Due!!!

5/30- Memorial Day- Program CLOSED

5/31- First day of Summer School

6/3- Repeat Day

6/5- National Environment Day

6/8- Best Friends Day

6/10- Iced Tea Day

6/17- Donuts with Dad

6/23- National Pink Day

6/29- Hug Holiday


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Fundraiser from February 1st-19th...let's help make a change!


Next Month...
Mother's Day Tea Party- May 8th @ 9:30
Preschool Graduation- May 9th @ 2:00
Last Day of School for OG- May 19th
Memorial Day- May 25th- Program Closed